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    PicoEMG: a new concept for better signals and usability

    The smallest surface EMG sensor ever, with accelerometer and memory on board

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    Hardware synchronisation, fixed delay, and high sampling frequencies

    The best combination of size, data fidelity, and signal quality for outstanding performances

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    The leading innovator in motion tracking technology

    Cometa has developed new, innovative IMU sensors, with fused or raw data, synched with EMG signals and literally lighter than a sheet of paper.

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    Mini Wave Infinity Waterproof

    The first, true wireless and waterproof EMG System in the world, with integrated accelerometers and compatible with Wavetrack IMU Sensors.

WaveTrack Inertial System

Thanks to years of experience in transmission protocols and miniaturization, we... More info

Mini Wave Waterproof

This special version of Mini Wave Infinity, is equipped with a fully waterproof... More info

Mini Wave Infinity

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EMG Easy Report

The EMG Easy Report Software distributed by Cometa allows you to analyze data ac... More info

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Fixed Delay 14

All our EMG sys­tems have been devel­oped in order to have a fixed delay from the acqui­si­tion of the sig­nal to the ana­log out­put.

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Diversity receiver

The «Diver­sity Mode» tech­nol­ogy used by our EMG sys­tems min­i­mizes the effect of wave reflec­tions from walls or objects.

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Imped­ance check

Exclu­sive sys­tem devel­oped by Cometa that auto­mat­i­cally checks the imped­ance of the skin dur­ing the pre-​acquisition phase.

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Inductive recharge

The inductive recharge technique for EMG and inertial transmitter has been develop by Cometa and has been used in all our systems since 2005.

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