Wave Wire­less EMG

Wave has been the pioneer system in the wireless EMG market since 2005-2006. Marketed under the brand Zerowire, it was the first commercially available wireless EMG system, with several new exclusive features including the absence of reference electrode, the proprietary wireless protocol and inductive recharge. The system has been sold worldwide in hundreds of units, and has been used for a large number of publications on several subjects. Wave Wireless EMG still has several points of advantage over even the most recent products from the competition. Here is a short list of the features that you find in Wave system, that you cannot find anywhere else on the market:


  • Inductive recharge

  • 12 hours battery life
  • Self replacement of exhaust battery
  • Self replacement of acquisition module (including battery)
  • 13 ms analog output delay
  • <5 microseconds intra-probe latency
  • Availability of configurations up to 32 EMG Channels and 2 FootSwitch Channels completely wireless
  • No need for reference electrode (Italian Patent # 1364828)
  • Rechargeable probes battery life up to 8 hours
  • Self replacement of exhaust probes batteries quickly and inexpensively by the end user
  • Probes batteries inductively recharged
  • Two simultaneous outputs: digital (USB) and analogue
  • Proprietary wireless protocol direct connection between electrodes / receiving unit
  • Flexible electrodes architecture, allowing to have several connection possibilities (clips, FineWire, footswitches, ...)
  • Up to 4 sensors for each Footswitch Channel (1 foot)
  • Software with real time monitoring and using standard .C3D files for storage
  • 10-500 Hz Band-Pass filtering
  • 2.000 Hz sampling rate
  • Class IIa medical device CE certification
  • Compatible with finewire electrodes for intra-muscular EMG acquisitions
  • Diversity receiver to ensure data transmission integrity
  • 13 ms analog fixed delay

Wave software is easy to use, yet powerful and complete. The basic version offers monitoring and recording of all channels in .c3d format, .txt exportation, and synchronization with third party devices (TTL triggering). The advanced module, allows the following analyses.

  • Butterworth High, Low and Band Pass filter.
  • FFT.
  • Mean Frequency.
  • Median frequency.
  • Smoothing.
  • Rectification.
  • Import of GaitRite data from GaitRite sensorized carpet, for foot contact visualization.

An helpful macro for cleaning the footswitches signal from false foot contacts is also available, as well as four customisable macro pipelines, which the user can adapt to his personal needs in order to arrange particular data elaboration processes and to perform data treatment in one single shot.
Finally, the video option allows to synchronize up to 2 USB cameras with theEMG signal, crucial for later review of the test or the exam.