EMG and
motion tools

Simple, free, .c3d compatible, constantly updated and improved

Our EMG and Motion Tools software has come to the 8th version: it is constantly updated and free for download to all our customers.

Register to our site to download new version always with new interesting features!

The software

EMG and Motion Tools is a complete and rich software but simple to use to acquire and elaborate the EMG and inertial signal.

The biofeedback visualization and skeleton model give you an immediate and easy feedback.
Different tools are available to analyse the signal: from the filtering analysis to Fatigue or cycles analysis …

EMG Analyses

FFT, Rectification, RMS, Smoothing, MVC, iEMG, Fatigue, Wavelet, Frequency Analysis.
You can use the Pipeline tool to manage easier the signal elaboration.


  • Real time display of EMG and IMU data
  • Joint angles estimation and 3d body view
  • Add and manage events in different ways
  • Export and report of all analyses
  • Video synch with USB camera
  • C3d file format and export to ASCII
  • Merge, split, resample our c3d files
  • Plugin compatibility
  • Direct connection to our Picoblue sensors
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