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OEM Partners

Myon AG

In 2016 Myon and Cometa established a strong partnership, combining the respective experiences on hardware and software development, and the distribution and commercial skills grown in years of experience.

With new sensors for muscle and movement analysis both companies will further support their existing community and in addition provide technology and knowledge for new applications. Please check our distributors map to find out more about the distribution areas.

MoCap Integration Partners


Since the beginning of the old Zerowire era, Vicon motion capture labs have been the main integration environment for our systems, thanks to a mostly shared worldwide distribution network. Hundreds of customers use Vicon with Cometa EMGs around the world, including some leading institutions such as Leuven KU, Spaulding Hospital, Rizzoli Institute, etc.


With the introduction of our BNC patch panel a few years ago, Cometa became the easiest system to be integrated in Qualisys motion capture labs. Besides analog integration, it is also possible to synch digitally using TTL triggering, and to synch Qualisys underwater cameras with Mini Wave Infinity Waterproof (an exclusive combination). We share the distribution network with Qualisys in Japan, Korea, India, and other countries.

Other mocap systems

It is extremely easy to integrate Cometa EMG systems in virtually any motion capture system, provided that it has analog inputs. Our analog delay is the shortest in the world, and it is fixed at 14 ms.

Other Integration/Software Partners


Pkmas (Protokinetics Motion Analysis Software) integrates a function that allows the automatic export of gait phases synched with EMG data. More info here.


GaitRite software allows the export of a txt gait phases file that can be imported into Wave/Wave Plus software

Biometrics France

Our long time exclusive French distributor, Biometrics has developed an easy and functional software for the acquisition of Zerowire/Wave data in digital mode. More info here.

Merlo Bioengineering

EMG Easy Report software is an offline advanced analysis tool for EMG data processing and reporting, it is compatible with Cometa c3d files and includes some very interesting features, such as cycle analysis and long file management. It is compatible with all our EMG systems. More info here.