Pico EMG

Smallest and lightest on the market

Pico has been for several years the smallest surface EMG sensor in the world, without compromising on performances

Pico is the smallest sensor in the Cometa wireless EMG family.

Pico EMG is similar to Mini Wave Infinity, including its most appreciated features, such as memory on board for synchronous data logging, and the integrated accelerometer.
The design is minimal, with a black single frame casing.
Here are some of its most astounding features:

  • 2000 Hz EMG sampling frequency
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 7 grams total weight
  • 30 meters indoor range
  • Integrated clip connections


PicoEMG also adds some improvements aimed at making it the best system for a gait analysis lab daily activities, which include an improved battery life and a reduced size. Just clip on 2 pregelled electrodes, or Cometa Golden Electrodes, and instrument the subject in a matter of seconds!

  • Quick electrode placement
  • Inductive recharge
  • Integrate accelerometer
  • CE medical certification

Fixed delay

All our EMG sys­tems have been devel­oped in order to have a fixed delay from the acqui­si­tion of the sig­nal to the ana­log out­put.

Diversity receiver

The «Diver­sity Mode» tech­nol­ogy used by our EMG sys­tems min­i­mizes the effect of wave reflec­tions from walls or objects.

Impedance check

Exclu­sive sys­tem devel­oped by Cometa that auto­mat­i­cally checks the imped­ance of the skin dur­ing the pre-​acquisition phase.

Inductive charge

The inductive recharge technique for EMG and inertial transmitter has been develop by Cometa and has been used in all our systems since 2005.

Synch data logger

With this technique, transmitter n. 1 is the synchronization master, while the other transmitters are slave.


Pico EMG is compatible with Wave Plus receivers, which makes it fully compatible with EMG and Motion Tools acquisition software, with EMG Easy Report analysis software, with the Newly available ProEMG software by Prophysics and, last but not least, with our complete .NET SDK.

Configure your system

Check out our state of the art configurator to see what you can do with our systems and get a customized quote!

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