EMG Easy Report

The EMG Easy Report Software distributed by Cometa allows you to analyze data acquired and saved in c3d format.
It is extremely quick to learn and simple to use, with superior features developed in years of clinical and research experience.

  • Signal quality check with FFT
  • .c3d compatible Raw signal display as well as RMS, rectified EMG, envelope, band pass and Notch filtering
  • Computations on epochs (RMS, ARV, IEMG, FFT)
  • Advanced cycle analysis using Footswitches
  • Fatigue plot
  • Advanced report creation directly in MS Word
  • Video management (1 video source synchronized)
  • Possibility to insert events from video (e.g. hill strike and toe off)
  • Merge of multiple files into one
  • Large files management
  • Normalization of envelopes to reference contraction
  • Analog channels management

For more informations:
visit the producer’s website.