Mini Wave

Mini Wave is currently the smallest EMG transmitter in the world, with about 7 grams of total weight. There are no compromises that come with Mini Wave incredibly small size: all the specifications are at the very top of its market.
Here is a quick glance to the main key features of the system:

  • Compatible with Wave and Wave Plus receivers
  • Tri-axis accelerometer integrated (only when paired with Wave Plus receiver)
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Inductive recharge
  • Self replacement of exhaust battery (lowest maintenance costs on the market)
  • Same EMG specs as the Wave transmitter (2.000 Hz sampling rate, 16 bits resolution, 10-500 Band-Pass filtering)
  • Same wireless range as the regular sized probes
  • New custom clips designed by Cometa, made with a kevlar cable stronger and more flexible at the same time

Mini Wave is also compatible with all Zerowire old receivers, ask us for a customized quote to update your Zerowire system: you can make your 10 years old EMG as good as new again.