Mini Wave Infinity

Mini Wave Infinity is the latest of Cometa’s EMG products, and it is the state of the art of wireless EMG and data loggers on the market. This system, an evolution of the previous regular Mini Wave, is compatible only with Wave Plus receiver, and it includes the following features:

  • Memory on board for 8 hours of acquisition (max 256 segments for each session)
  • Remote controllers to start/stop the acquisition without the use of a PC
  • Our exclusive master/slave technology allowing a synched acquisition even out in the field

Even though it carries an 8 hour memory on board, the Mini Wave Infinity maintains the status as the smallest wireless EMG sensor in the world, with a transmitter’s volume of less than 5 cubic centimeters.
Mini Wave Infinity can also work as a regular Wave Plus system, inside the lab and synched with our fixed delay analog output, and used outdoor when necessary.