Mini Wave Waterproof

This special version of Mini Wave Infinity, is equipped with a fully waterproof coating, special rubber gaskets and custom remote controller for asynchronous acquisitions. These accessories allow the acquisition of EMG signal underwater, making it as simple as a regular acquisition.
No patches are needed on top of the transmitters or the electrodes, the underwater acquisition will require about 5 extra minutes in the setup, compared to a regular Mini Wave Infinity acquisition.

Thanks to our exclusive technologies, our Mini Wave Infinity Waterproof is the only underwater sensor that can be inductively recharged, thus allowing a permanent and robust integral cover of the electronics. The impedance check technology, moreover, allows the user to check the signal quality before starting the acquisition, making time really counts.

Mini Wave Infinity Waterproof is currently the only EMG system on the market that can be used in swimming and sports applications without compromising size, subject preparation or data quality. This system is also highly recommended for heavy duty applications, such as army studies, outdoor activities, and so on.