PicoEMG is the newest arrival in the Cometa wireless EMG family. It is similar to Mini Wave Infinity, including its most appreciated features, such as memory on board for synchronous data logging, and the integrated accelerometer. The design is minimal, with a black single frame casing which surrounds the electronics, and integrates the transparent LED light. The total absence of cable clips make it stronger than ever and reduce the antenna effect, and the symmetrical construction drastically reduces motion artefacts.

PicoEMG also adds some improvements aimed at making it the best system for a gait analysis lab daily activities, which include an improved battery life and a reduced size. Just clip on 2 pregelled electrodes, or Cometa Golden Electrodes, and instrument the subject in a matter of seconds!

PicoEMG is fully compatible with Wave Plus receivers, and can be used in all configurations up to 32 synchronised channels.