Wave Plus wireless EMG

Wave Plus wireless EMG system was released in 2012, as the natural evolution of the Wave technology. Wave Plus system includes a receiving unit with analog and digital output, and a charging station compatible with all our wireless sensors. Wave Plus introduced several improvements over the previous product, and added some new exclusive features still without comparison in the market:

  • Impedance check control for pre-acquisition quality monitoring
  • Improved wireless transmission (up to 300% improvement)
  • Flexibility to use more than EMG sensors (including general analog sensors, IMUs, FSW)
  • New analog output with 66 connections and 14 ms fixed delay
  • Battery status monitoring available in software
  • Compatible with all our latest sensors, including Pico, Mini Wave Infinity, Mini Wave Waterproof, WaveTrack IMU
  • Compatible with our new, completely free acquisition software
  • Integrated in both Qualisys QTM software and Vicon Nexus DIGITALLY
  • Complete SDK gives you full control of the system via USB
  • 24 months worlwide warranty