Wave Plus wireless EMG

Wave Plus wireless EMG system was released in 2012, as the natural evolution of the Wave technology. Wave Plus introduced several improvements over the previous product, and added some new exclusive features still without comparison in the market:

  • ALL of Wave technical features
  • Tri-axis accelerometer integrated in all probes, with sensitivity up to 16 g
  • Impedance check control for pre-acquisition quality monitoring
  • 12 hours battery life
  • Improved wireless transmission
  • Flexibility to use more than EMG sensors with a firmware update
  • Compatible with our new, completely free acquisition software EMG and Motion Tools.

Using the years of experience producing Zerowire and servicing all the units sold, Wave Plus comes with all the improvements needed for an up-​to-​date wireless EMG system. The most important exclusive features are the following:

  • 8, 16 or 32 channels EMG and (2) Footswitches
  • 16 new generation accelerometers (3-​axis) integrated in the probes with adjustable sensibility (+-2, 4, 8 or 16 g)
  • Simultaneous output of all data both via USB and analog interface (total of 66 channels: 16 EMG, 48 accelerometers, 2 FSW).
  • Impedance check function on each electrode to assess if the level of impedance is low enough to get high quality data.
  • Probe batteries inductively recharged and user-​changeable when exhaust.
  • Battery life guarantees 12 hours of continuous acquisition.
  • Inter-​probes latency <5 usec (less than 5 microseconds).
  • Analog fixed delay of 14 milliseconds, for any number of channels used and including the accelerometers output.
  • Battery status monitoring, probe individual turn on/​off, probe identification by led, software accelerometers offset.

Wave Plus EMG is fully compatible with our own EMG and Motion Tools software, which is the only software for EMG acquisition provided FREE of charge with the purchase of any EMG system. This software is simple and yet powerful at the same time, allowing you to:

  • Acquire up to 32 channels of EMG or IMU data simultaneously
  • Acquire Gyro, Accelerometer and Magnetometer raw data and view it in real time
  • View and replay inertial data when used it in combination with WaveTrack IMU units
  • Configure the EMG system with .cfg configuration files
  • Save the data in .c3d format
  • Export all data in ASCII format (.txt)
  • Import the data saved on the memory on board of our Mini Wave Infinity probes and format the memory
  • EMG and Motion tools is a free installation software, there is no license or dongle required. We can provide you with a copy even if you are not existing customers, together with a number of sample files to test it with. The software is written in .NET code, and it requires a working internet connection to be installed. It is compatible with all Windows operating systems.