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Mini Wave Used in Robotics Applications
Hand Muscle Acquisition

The video shows the acquisition of a very small hand muscle using our Mini Wave Infinity probe, our EMG and Motion Tools software with Video Synch, and our Golden reusable selective electrodes.

Waterproof EMG and IMU systems

In this video we can see the Mini Wave waterproof and the WaveTrack waterproof sensors used for underwater testing

EMG Easy Report - Filtering

How to apply filters using EMG Easy Report analysis software.

EMG Easy Report

How to create a report in MS Word using analysis software EMG Easy Report

Underwater Probes Setup - Quick Tutorial

Quick tutorial showing how to prepare our Mini Wave Infinity Waterproof EMG system to do underwater acquisitions.

High Kicks with Cometa Mini Wave EMG system

Hollywood actor and Martial Arts champion Alex Wraith is wearing our Mini Wave EMG with accelerometers to assess his muscle activation during some extremely fast high kicks.

2 WaveTrack Inertial sensors synchronized

Our latest EMG and Motion Tools software showing 2 WaveTrack IMU sensors together in real time.

Wave Plus inte­grated with Xsens iner­tial sensors

The clip describes a quick and easy product to mesure 3D kinematics of scapulo-thoracic, humero-thoracic and gleno-humeral joints, allowing to quantify, compare, monitor and obtain documentation on patient status.

EMG and ipad

Little demo on using the iPad as part of a quantified analysis laboratory of the march. Two examples. An EMG monitoring and measurement tools of control (eg with electronic walking track GaitRite).