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Diversity receiver

The «Diver­sity Mode» tech­nol­ogy used by our EMG sys­tems min­i­mizes the effect of wave reflec­tions from walls or objects; this is always present when work­ing indoor.These reflec­tions lead to some «black spots» in the work­ing area, where radio sig­nal could be lost. To get rid of this, Wave and Wave­plus EMG sys­tems are equipped with two receivers; if one receiver looses the sig­nal due to sub­trac­tive reflec­tions, the other is used to guar­an­tee the best data integrity.


The «Diver­sity Mode» tech­nol­ogy used by our EMG sys­tems min­i­mizes the effect of wave reflec­tions from walls or objects.


PicoEMG is the newest arrival in the Cometa wireless EMG family. It is similar to Mini Wave Infinity, including its most appreciated features, such as memory on board for synchronous data logging, and the integrated accelerometer. The design is minimal, with a black single frame casing which surrounds the electronics, and integrates the transparent LED light. The total absence of cable clips make it stronger than ever and reduce the antenna effect, and the symmetrical construction drastically reduces motion artefacts.


WaveTrack Inertial System

Thanks to years of experience in transmission protocols and miniaturization, we have released in 2015 the smallest wireless IMU transmitter in the world, with several outstanding features that make it absolutely unique. The newest version, WaveTrack Black, has improved transmission and battery life:


Mini Wave Waterproof

This special version of Mini Wave Infinity, is equipped with a fully waterproof coating, special rubber gaskets and custom remote controller for asynchronous acquisitions. These accessories allow the acquisition of EMG signal underwater, making it as simple as a regular acquisition.
No patches are needed on top of the transmitters or the electrodes, the underwater acquisition will require about 5 extra minutes in the setup, compared to a regular Mini Wave Infinity acquisition.


Mini Wave Infinity

Mini Wave Infinity is the latest of Cometa’s EMG products, and it is the state of the art of wireless EMG and data loggers on the market. This system, an evolution of the previous regular Mini Wave, is compatible only with Wave Plus receiver, and it includes the following features:


Wave Plus wireless EMG

Wave Plus wireless EMG system was released in 2012, as the natural evolution of the Wave technology. Wave Plus introduced several improvements over the previous product, and added some new exclusive features still without comparison in the market:


Mini Wave

Mini Wave is currently the smallest EMG transmitter in the world, with about 7 grams of total weight. There are no compromises that come with Mini Wave incredibly small size: all the specifications are at the very top of its market.
Here is a quick glance to the main key features of the system:


Prodotto prova

Wave è un innovativo sistema elettromiografico completamente senza fili. Inizialmente commercializzato con il nome di “Zerowire”, e venduto in centinaia di unità in tutto il mondo, ha rivoluzionato il mercato mondiale dell’elettromiografia di superficie.