Clinical and sport applications

Whether you are part of a pro athlete team or a top clinical operator, our systems will step your game up a notch.

Certified systems for clinical applications

Our systems are certified according to the EU regulation on medical devices as class I (Wave Plus, PicoBlue and IMUs) or class IIa (WaveX).

Our EMG and IMU systems have been used since 2005 in hundreds of the most prominent clinical centers around the globe. The main application is clinical gait analysis, the analysis of a pre and post condition of a patient affected by motion disorders that prevent a normal gait pattern. In this field, the EMG systems are often integrated into a motion capture lab, which gives a more comprehensive view of the clinical picture of the patient. Our preferred partners in Mocap are Vicon and Qualisys systems.

Our clinical and sport oriented clients

Some of the best clinical treatment centers choose our systems for their EMG and IMU needs.

Gait analysis and more

Clinical gait analysis is not the only field in which our systems are widely used. Any clinical study involving muscle analysis is a good fit for our systems, including some small niches which we can, thanks to our technology, target almost exclusively, such as underwater rehabilitation, swimmer fatigue, sea mammals monitoring, and so on.

Our EMG and IMUs are also used in sports and sport research, especially in the data logging version and in our exclusive waterproof version. Our customers include some of the most prominent institutions in the world, that daily prepare elite athletes using our technology.

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