Designed to be the next best wireless EMG System in the world

Setting the new standard for wireless EMG technology.

The latest evolution

WaveX is not just the evolution of Wave Plus, but it is the result of years of research and feedback from the market, obtaining unparalleled user experience.

  • Fast memory download via wifi
  • Integrated IMU up to 500Hz
  • 40 Configurable analog outputs
  • 18/36 channel architecture
  • New receiver with touchscreen

Even more options

Now up to 36 channels, all new sensors and even more combinations.


A new pico with integrated IMU, slightly bigger for extended range.


Flexible EMG and IMU sensor with our trusted waterproof option.


Small and high sampling IMU sensor, synched with EMG, with analog output options.


The smallest EMG on the market, upgraded.


WaveX brings to the market new and important exclusive features:

  • Up to 36 channels simultaneously
  • 8 hours memory on board with new fast wifi download
  • 40 analog outputs configurable via software, including IMU channels
  • Up to 500Hz IMU sampling
  • New receiver with touchscreen giving real time feedback to the user
  • MDR class IIa certificate
  • All the widely appreciated Wave Plus features

10x faster memory download protocols

The completely redesigned memory download system significantly cuts down the data download time. Time saved to do more.

Touch screen

WaveX is equipped with a completely new on screen interface.
All the information at your finger tips.

Fixed delay

All our EMG sys­tems have been devel­oped in order to have a fixed delay from the acqui­si­tion of the sig­nal to the ana­log out­put.

Diversity receiver

The «Diver­sity Mode» tech­nol­ogy used by our EMG sys­tems min­i­mizes the effect of wave reflec­tions from walls or objects.

Inductive charge

This technology for EMG and inertial transmitter has been developed by Cometa and has been used in all our systems since 2005.

Custom analog

Introduced with WaveX, this new technology enables the user to fully customize the analog output with EMG and raw IMU data.


WaveX EMG is fully compatible with our own EMG and Motion Tools software, which is the only software for EMG acquisition provided FREE of charge with the purchase of any EMG system. This software is simple and yet powerful at the same time, allowing you to:

  • Up to 36 channels of EMG or IMU data simultaneously
  • Gyro, Accelerometer and Magnetometer raw data
  • View and replay inertial data
  • EMG system configuration with .cfg files
  • Save the data in .c3d format
  • Export all data in ASCII format (.txt)
  • Import data saved on the memory on board
  • FREE installation

Configure your system

Check out our state of the art configurator to see what you can do with our systems and get a customized quote!

Tennis practice recording with IMUs and EMGs

This is our new promo video showing the features of our latest EMG and IMU models. We recorded full body IMU with joint angles, 8 ch EMG, and 8 EMG + 7 IMU lower body. All of it in a real practice setting, outdoor, with easy setup and no distance limitations. www.cometasystems.com


Biomot European Project

This video is a summary of the Biomot EU FP7 Project. We recommend to all the audience interested in wearable robotics and biomechanics to watch full video. Technaid’s exoskeleton Exo-H2 has been used for different tests along the project and the inertial technology for subject’s biomechanical analysis was provide by Technaid too.

The main objective of the project was to improve existing wearable robotic exoskeletons exploiting dynamic sensory-motor interactions and developing cognitive capabilities that can lead to symbiotic gait behaviour in the interaction of a human with a wearable robot.


Mini Wave and WaveTrack Waterproof IPX7 certified EMG and IMU sensors

Our EMG and IMU sensors are the only ones on the market that can work underwater. In the video, an athlete performs several tasks, including underwater gait (ideal for rehabilitation research), and fast swimming in different styles. All data is logged on board the sensors and downloaded later. Customers include Japan Institute of Sports Science and Edinburgh University. Contact us for more information and a quote.