Our trusted technology in the field of occlusion analysis.

Your new occlusion analysis system

A new division of our company created in 2021, to answer the needs of a multitude of dentists who want to study bite and masticatory muscle activity.

A dedicated team of engineers and dentists worked for 2 years on Myowise, a new concept of dental EMG that merges the expected easyness of use of a clinical product with the completeness of a research EMG. With Myowise, already used by many dentists both in Italy and abroad, you can choose if you want the “one-button” analysis, or if you want to do more, and get the raw data from a research grade system.

A new application specific software

Cometa’s trusted hardware is coupled with our brand new occlusion analysis software.
Extensive and reliable data in a simple and clear interface.

Excellent dental treatments need balanced masticatory muscles.

A complete package for bite and masticatory muscle activity evaluation.

  • The world’s smallest wireless EMG system
  • Guided acquisition procedures
  • Easy to read diagrams
  • Normalized indices calculation
  • Diagnostic algorithms
  • Comprehensive exam and session reports
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